The Arena: NFL Week 14 Locks

A 2-2 week in week 13 puts us at 25-24 for the season.  While I would consider this righting the course completely, it's an obvious improvement from our 0-5 drubbing the week before.  Not sure why I'm even bringing that up at this point, the best thing a gambler can have (besides a deep pocket)... Continue Reading →


The Arena: NFL Week 13 Locks

We had to take a week off after our week 11 drubbing.  An unprecedented 0-5 week came down on us like an anvil in a Looney Tunes cartoon and has left us reeling.  Our once steady record above .500 is now in real peril as we sit at 23-22, just one game above the win... Continue Reading →

The Arena: NFL Week 11 Locks

The train keeps rolling as a 3-1 performance last week brings us to a 23-17 record overall this season.  Who would've thought that the Chiefs vs. Cardinals game would be the one to cost us an undefeated week, but alas, the football gods were still kind to us.  We even beat the dreaded hometown team... Continue Reading →

The Arena: NFL Week 10 Locks

Another week in the green last week as we went 3-2 to bring our record up to 20-16 overall.  Our three wins last week all came pretty easily and once secured, almost looked like common sense more than anything else.  Also looking like common sense were the two losses we incurred.  The Bills, really?  That's... Continue Reading →

The Arena: NFL Week 9 Locks

3-2 last week 17-14 overall As the saying goes, sometimes you'd rather be lucky than good.  And in gambling another saying might go something like, one man's bad beat is another man's backdoor cover.  In any event, a late cover by the Patriots on Monday turned what could've been a losing week into our third... Continue Reading →

Big Man, Little Dog: A Love Story

I used to be a cat person.  Growing up we had a cat named Sassy, who ultimately lived to be about 20  years old, and she was fantastic.  I loved her because honestly she was difficult.  She didn’t love just anybody, heck she really didn’t love anyone besides my Mom, and she certainly didn’t love... Continue Reading →

The Arena: NFL Week 8 Locks

We're coming off another good week for the Arena in Week 7 so we're going to double down with a number of picks and look to keep this train rolling.  Last week we went 3-1 to bring our record to 14-12 overall. Only Atlanta's weak win against the dismal Giants kept us from an undefeated... Continue Reading →

The Arena: NFL Week 7 Locks

Last week 3-1. Overall 11-11 Figures that the Packers would be the team to cost me a 4-0 week last week, but hey, at least they went out and got a close fought victory over the 49ers... ok let's be serious, at most they got a win, unfortunately they looked pretty piss poor for 53... Continue Reading →

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