A Spontaneous Book Challenge

This past week one of my former English Teachers from high school reached out to me through social media, tagging me in a book challenge that she herself was taking part in and inviting me to join as well.  The challenge was really simple, all I had to do was post a picture of a... Continue Reading →


It’s ok guys, you can like musicals too… Part 2

Alright, so technically I’m calling this a “Part 2” to my original musicals post from several months ago, but really this is just my own way of giving myself the space to rant about some awesome developments in my “relationship” with musicals.  But for the sake of at least a little continuity compared to the... Continue Reading →

A Season with Steinbeck pt. 2

In this second installment in my Season with Steinbeck series we will look at three of Steinbeck’s shortest novels, including one of his most famous works.  The Red Pony, Tortilla Flat, and Of Mice and Men collectively amount to no more than 400 pages, but where these novels lack in volume they make up for... Continue Reading →

Originals: A Review

Personal development books seem to be a dime a dozen these days, I’ve read some that read like an infomercial, some that were far too heavy handed, and others that simply failed to grab me with any kind of ground breaking ideas.  But regardless of how many duds I come across, there are always books... Continue Reading →

The 5 Second Rule: A Review

Everyday people say they’re going to make a change, whether that change is to lose weight, find a new job, or even to get back in touch with an old college friend we haven’t spoken to in a while.  Each day people say they will change, but too often these words fall on our own... Continue Reading →

Brett Favre: The Power of Nostalgia

As both a diehard Green Bay Packer fan and a realist I have both an incredible dedication to the team and an ability to acknowledge the simple fact that our fan base is among the luckiest in all of sports, at least over the last 27 years.  The reason us Packer fans can consider ourselves... Continue Reading →

The Bistro: Cheddar Turkey Burgers

The last few check-ins from The Bistro have been more focused on the healthier side of our collective persona.  But for this installment we’re going to do away with some of our more health conscience feelings and indulge a little into the land of the grill.  E and I really enjoy burgers of all kinds,... Continue Reading →

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