A Season with Steinbeck pt. 1

Every so often one comes upon an author who truly speaks to them in ways that others could not.  An author who’s words ring as true as church bells and who’s prose weaves its way to our soul as swift as a river.  For me, as I’m sure it has been for millions of other avid readers, that author is none other than John Steinbeck.  Having already read, and in some cases re-read, a number of Steinbeck books in the past I am well aware of the insight behind his words and the beauty of his descriptive language.  Indeed, he penned one of my all time favorite novels with East of Eden and a number of other books which I have enjoyed thoroughly.  But while Steinbeck’s novels and words have meant so much to me over the years, not to mention that they have provided me with incredible entertainment and improved the way I view the world, I have somehow drifted away from him these last couple years as I continue to delve deeper into career driven and personal development books.  But as winter has given way to Spring here in Wisconsin and the white and grey has turned once again to green, now seems like the perfect time to turn back to Steinbeck once again.  Only this time, I’ll come back in a big way.

To signify both my return to the words of Steinbeck and the exit of the winter doldrums, I have decided to create the “Season of Steinbeck.”  It is a season of time dedicated specifically to the novels of Steinbeck, as I will go through his major works one by one over the next several months.  To specify further, I will be reading 10 of his works with only a rough guideline in terms of time.  Ideally I will be complete with my “season” by late fall or even by Thanksgiving.  But not to worry, I will be providing periodic updates throughout!

How it works is obviously pretty simple.  Over the Summer I will read ten major works by Steinbeck in chronological order starting with The Red Pony and ending with Travels with Charley: In Search of America.  In between will be all of the other major works including The Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and men, East of Eden, and a number of others!  I am obviously excited to be taking on this task but the nerves are somewhere in there as well.  Am I really up for this?  Can I handle reading this many books by one author in such a short time?  Only time will tell, but I am ready for the challenge!


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