Alumni Weekend: Back to the Glory Days

The old gym smelled the same as it did the previous year, the same way it had since I had played games there during my own high school days.  There was the smell of sweat and the faint smell of stale popcorn left over from the previous night’s high school basketball game.  My brother and I were just arriving for our first game in this year’s Alumni Basketball Tournament, an annual tradition that brings back all the old faces from Falcon basketball to battle for bragging rights.

There was a time when I walked the halls of my old high school just looking to make it through the day so I could get to practice for whatever sport was in season.  There was a time when the gym itself meant an escape from the normal doldrums of high school life, when there was just the game to worry about and nothing else.  At least that’s how it seems now.  Now we can look back at our time in that gym through adult eyes, conveniently forgetting all of the typical high school problems which at the time seemed like such a big deal.  The girls, the friends, the homework, the parties…



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