Pumpkin Spiced… Everything

It’s a sweltering 80 degree day in Wisconsin.  It’s late August so weather in the 80s is certainly not surprising but it still seems unreasonably warm as I drive to the bank on my lunch hour.  The small beads of sweat are still felt on my forehead and back as I desperately wait for my car’s A/C to kick in and return my car’s temperature to a level less befitting for the Earth’s core.  As I drive down the road towards the bank, I see the unmistakeable sign for Dairy Queen up ahead and the sudden urge for a Blizzard strikes me.  That is, it strikes me until I get close enough to read the words beneath their logo that read; “Blizzard of the Month – Pumpkin Pie.”  What?  It’s late august and we’re already acting like it’s the middle of fall?  Is summer really over?  Is it really time to start thinking about all of this holiday stuff?  It is still August isn’t it?  All at once I’m filled with anger, anger at another Summer come and gone and anger at everyone who seems to be working with every breath to rush our days and years along without giving us time to so much as tie our shoes.  


But here’s the kicker… the pumpkin pie blizzard might make me angry in August, as would the pumpkin spiced latte, or the pumpkin muffin, or any other pumpkin spiced concoction the world can think of (provided they too were being served grossly out of season), but all of these items are craved by me from late September and well into November!  And it always hits me at this time each year, there’s a reason why there’s pumpkin spiced and pumpkin flavored everything… because it’s frickin’ delicious!  There’s nothing better on a crisp fall morning than a fresh pumpkin latte partnered with a pumpkin muffin or a pumpkin scone.  Nothing!  And even as I sit here writing this I am already planning out my next couple of days so I know exactly when I’ll be getting my next fix!  


This might seem like an entirely random post but I promise there is a moral to this story, at least for me.  And the moral is this; don’t sweat the small stuff, especially when the small stuff tastes delicious… besides, if it taste delicious you should really avoid sweating on it anyway.


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