Erika’s Craft Corner: Wedding Dress Repurposed

I’ll be honest…I have some regrets about my wedding day. Not the groom…he’s obviously the best choice I’ve ever made. 🙂IMG_4694

No, I regret my attire for the day. Yes, it’s true, I wasn’t a huge fan of my wedding dress. Looking back at pictures, it wasn’t the most flattering and I just don’t think it was the “dream gown” that I had pictured myself in. The good thing is that this doesn’t really matter. I definitely wouldn’t go back and change it, because everything else about that day is a wonderful memory.

It does mean that I got some serious satisfaction out of cutting it up, though!

I knew I wanted to transform my dress early on. I asked people on Facebook what they did with their wedding dresses after they got married and the suggestions were pretty normal: IMG_4693had it preserved in a box, made it into baptism gowns for children, donated it, etc.

I also knew I wanted to create something new out of my dress, something that I could look at and enjoy for years to come, that captured the things I did love about the dress, and reminded me of that day every time I looked at it.

Thus, wedding dress crafts! With a lot of help from my mother, Rose, who is a much more accomplished seamstress, I cut up my dress, laid out a few projects, and completed them all on a Saturday afternoon.

For reference, the dress “before”. 

Craft #1: The Pillow Cover.

Made out of the skirt of the dress, this craft was by far the most cumbersome. It involved lots of measuring, cutting, re-measuring, ironing, and lots and lots of stitching. I’m happy with the way it turned out, although it is definitely not a perfect square. (I didn’t do well in Geometry in high school; I blame the unevenness on this.)

Materials required: wedding dress, zipper, sewing machine, countless pins, patient mother

Craft #2: The Frame.

For this small feature, I cut a chunk out of the lace from the shoulder portion of my dress. The open back was one thing I really liked about my dress, and I think the prettiest lace was on this part. I cut out a small section, mounted it on glittery gold ribbon, and framed it. Easy and so pretty! I can’t wait to put this on my desk!

Materials required: wedding dress, complementary ribbon/fabric/paper for background, frame

Craft #3: The Belt.

This pop of color on my wedding dress was my absolute favorite part. I didn’t have any idea what I wanted in a dress besides knowing that I wanted a belt/sash. The most obvious transformation for this was making it into a belt I could wear anytime! A little elastic, some magnetic closures, a little stitching, and voila! A beautiful belt that is easy to clasp around any outfit that needs a dressy touch.

Materials required: belt, very wide stretchy elastic (I used 1 inch), closures to secure the belt

The finished products: frame, pillow cover, and belt.

I don’t feel any regrets about cutting up my dress. I know that for some people, the idea of cutting and throwing away pieces of a garment that was part of such a monumental day is horrifying, but for me, it was exciting to watch it transform!

What did you do with your wedding dress? Any idea of what I should do with the pieces I still have left?



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