Pumpkin Spiced… Everything

It’s a sweltering 80 degree day in Wisconsin.  It’s late August so weather in the 80s is certainly not surprising but it still seems unreasonably warm as I drive to the bank on my lunch hour.  The small beads of sweat are still felt on my forehead and back as I desperately wait for my... Continue Reading →


IT Book v. Movie

If there’s one thing you need to know about me it’s that I tend to have a few snobbish tendencies.  Oftentimes these tendencies aren’t very well concealed because, well, a snobbish person doesn’t really feel the need to conceal their snobbery.  It’s one of the many defects of our kind.  But regardless, one of my... Continue Reading →

Style, Self Love, and Stacy London

Growing up, I was a huge fan of TLC’s fashion-focused show What Not to Wear, which featured Clinton Kelly and Stacy London as a style team who provided style makeovers to frumpy moms, mismatched office workers, and women who just generally lacked confidence in their clothing. I’ve always loved clothes, and for years I have... Continue Reading →

30 Days of No TV and What Changed

Today is my 30th day without watching television. I embarked on this challenge a month ago with some trepidation. I honestly really like watching tv. I know the stereotypes: couch potato, mindless entertainment, etc., but after working a job that is so mentally challenging each day, sometimes all I want to do is come home... Continue Reading →

Let the Madness Begin! Pt. 1

Its that time of year again!  The time of year when workers across the nation waste countless work hours on sports websites and spend an inordinate amount of time analyzing brackets.  The time of year when college basketball fans suddenly start rooting for the upsets, but only if they don’t affect the accuracy of their... Continue Reading →

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